The Intersection of AI and Cyber Defence

By Smeet Chheda

With movies like ‘Terminator’, ‘I, Robot’, ‘Ex Machina’ and ‘The Matrix’ dominating Artificial Intelligence (AI) pop culture, the average consumer’s initial prerogative is to assume that AI is a threat to the world’s security. Who can blame them? In these films, we witness the (hopefully!) hyperbolized impact AI can have when its capabilities and growth are left unchecked – and it’s not pretty. In reality, current AI technology is far from the level we see in something like ‘The Matrix’ – a self-sustained entity that possesses Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). However, it’s still important to look at how Cybersecurity and AI can interoperate both now and in the future.

Cybersecurity: What’s in it for you?

By Smeet Chheda

Imagine, for a second, that you’re an extremely well-known individual with personal connections to millions of people around the world. All of these people trust you so much that they write down their personally identifiable information (PII) on a sheet of paper and hand it to you for safekeeping. You keep everything on you at all times to make sure that the wrong people aren’t seeing the information that was entrusted to you. There’s a problem though: everyone knows that you have this information. They don’t know what the information is, but they know that you have it – and they want it. Knowing this, would you invest in some sort of protection to thwart off any would-be attackers?

Malware Detected Please Download Fake AV

By Kim Edwards

Alarms go off and the computer lights up like a Christmas tree, my wife yells from downstairs: “We have a Virus!”. My heart races and I believe that I am suffering from tachycardia. I quickly scream to her: “Touch Nothing! Hands off the keyboard!”. Even before I inspect the computer, I tell her it is probably a fake Anti-Virus trying to trick her into downloading this malicious code. Right away, I see this professional looking  window that lists a bunch of file infections and asking for a full scan or for the user to buy the software to remove the viruses that do not even exist.